Takeaways from Driven 2009: Customer Stories

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Scott Francis

Sometimes it is hard to convey the amount of experience your team has.? Sometimes it is hard to convey the positive impact you've made on a company you used to work for.? Sometimes it is hard to convey how much you've positively impacted the customer base. But at Driven 2009, Lombardi actually gave me a great way to communicate this to the folks who were there.

All in all, Lombardi walked through 18 different customer stories by my count.? These were really compelling stories of customer success, achieved value, and really deep references for Lombardi.? By the time they were done discussing the 18 customers, I realized individuals from the BP3 team had played key roles in the success of no fewer than 16 of them (often as employees or partners of Lombardi).?? Peter noticed this as well.? It isn't just pride that causes me to say that we have the most experienced team in the business.? And the quality of that experience is second-to-none.? You can't trivially recreate the experience of being the first person to segment a Teamworks workload between user-traffic (UI) and background processing (of events, web services, and batches).? You can't trivially recreate the experience of helping an insurance company develop common global processes that accommodate local variation across nine European countries, or helping a global manufacturer apply six sigma techniques to their process prioritization and improvement efforts.? You can't trivially recreate the experience of starting the Lombardi On Demand Assistance program, nor being the anchor man on the team.? You can't trivially recreate the experience of being the chief architect and advocate of BPM within your organization for over 4 years.? These are great guys to work with, and I'm barely scratching the surface.

I also found it interesting that in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, their assessment was that Lombardi customers, in general, are more mature in their thinking about process and BPM.? They don't typically look at it as a small part of a big project, they look at it as a program, a discipline, as a way they'll be doing business going forward.? This is actually a *significant* difference in outlook as compared to the typical BPM customer cited by others in the industry.? We take some pride at BP3 in that we helped shape the attitudes of Lombardi and our customers in the early years at Lombardi, from 2003-2007, to get customers to really think bigger and longer term, and to get Lombardi realizing the benefits of broader adoption and deeper adoption within the customer base as something more than just additional license sales.

We are equally gratified and proud to be part of creating new stories in the BPM space, helping customers achieve significant success.? We're not resting on our laurels, on our past achievements, we're right now working on critical-path projects for customers anyone would be proud to list as references.? And we are very thankful for their belief in us, and in our ability to help them achieve their business objectives.

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