Tacos in Austin?

  • November 14, 2014
  • Scott

Bon Appétit has named the 10 best tacos in Austin.  By which, they realistically are talking about the 10 best tacos, period.

I love the article and the layout and the explanation.  A few corrections (in my humble opinion) to the Author:

  • Meats:  you left off an important category: Pork Belly.  You haven’t lived til you’ve had the “Deli Belly” taco at Taco Deli.
  • Queso: I’m sorry, but by far the best queso at a taco joint is Torchy’s queso.
  • Topo Chico is an acquired taste.  Or not.  I’d recommend Maine Root sodas.

The author notes that the breakfast taco is to Austin as the bagel is to New York, and the author is not wrong. I had never even heard of a breakfast taco or burrito until I moved here, but I have learned to love them.  And migas, let’s not forget migas.  In Austin, a lot of things are weird, but It is not weird that you can get really good breakfast tacos at Rudy’s BBQ. That’s expected.

I’ve tried many of the tacos on the list. However, the best, better than all the ones listed, is the Deli Belly taco at Taco Deli (see above).  It is so good that they only serve it twice a week.  Also: you can get great tacos at many restaurants (e.g. the Ribeye tacos at Cover 3).

Culture map has good coverage of the article as well!

But if you want a more “authentic” list, check out the top 10 tacos, as ranked by Austin musicians..


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