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Scott Francis

Today's sessions included a competitive case study session reviewing 4-5 case studies of competitive wins, and sharing techniques.

It seems to me that you could sum up winning against competition as: Don't be a jerk. Care about your customer. Provide great customer service. And have a good product.? Oh, and if you can find an unequivocal differentiator, drive that nail all the way through the deal.

It was pretty good stuff but very anecdotal in nature and not content that I feel comfortable conveying verbatim.

Lunch + Keynote was the usual round of buffet plus happy news from the front of the room - record registration at Impact (8000), record partner registration (I forget if it was 800 or 850 business partners registered), more sessions than ever, etc. Clearly IBM is on something of a roll.? We heard from several of IBM's execs, and then they also gave out business partner awards.

After the break, I went to listen to Dave Marquard's discussion of the current BPM offering and the value propositions of each piece.? Good session and unfortunately I had to leave before it was over.? But I don't think anyone minded as it was standing room only at that point and someone was happy to take my chair!? Clearly some interest in this BPM stuff.

I took a break and then, when Lance Gibbs, our fearless CEO, arrived, we headed down to the expo center for the general reception, where we were able to catch up with a few colleagues at IBM, as well as a couple partners in PrincetonBlue, Centric, and Apex.? Next, it was on to dinner... and then to meet Flournoy Henry (directly from the airport) at the Penn & Teller show.? I was suitably impressed by their act, and we were treated to great booth seating.? Thanks again to the two of them for giving us tickets to the show!

Looking forward to the keynote tomorrow morning.? Not looking forward to the early wake-up call!

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