SXSWi Resources: 2012 Edition

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Scott Francis

Every year more Austin companies get into the act of providing good SXSW resources to help visitors and regulars navigate the ever-expanding menu of sessions, parties, side parties, after-parties, and musical acts. Some of my favorite resources:

  1. GSD&Ms SXSW survival guide - a clever integration to Pinterest. Boards for The Weird, The Refresh, The Gear (bring your iPad), The Drinks, the Day Trips, The Venues, and The Parties are all included.
  2. The Unofficial SXSW 2012 Schedule. ? Easier way to browse what's going on where.
  3. Side parties Mobile Database from Austin360.? It isn't pretty, but it doesn't really have to be.
  4. (Of course there's also the official SXSW Go app and the SXSW site... )
  5. Update: from Josh Baer, we have his take on the must-see events/schedule at SXSWi - which will likely be upgraded as the days approach.? Its a great list and has a lot of overlap with what I'll be trying to attend.

There are also a few local events worth calling out.? Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

  1. Austin Tech Happy Hour SXSW Kickoff.? It tends to be Austinites who are looking to touch base before the madness fully sets in the next day.? Bryan Mennell (currently of Dachis Group) and his wife have done a great job hosting these events for years in Austin.
  2. the Lean Startup at SXSW.? This day of sessions was fairly epic last year.? I expect no less this year. But with Steve Blank right after the 30-minute lunch break, it is hard to imagine how you're going to squeeze lunch in unless you bring it in a bag or box. There is no way anyone can get lunch from a real vendor in 30 minutes.? There are just too many people at SXSW. Bring your granola bar.
  3. Open Coffee SXSW edition - this is a great place to have a cup of coffee (Jo's) and catchup with entrepreneurs, nice and early Friday morning.
  4. A Celebration of American Startups - Startup America meets SXSW. Some of my favorite people in high tech are involved in organizing this event.? Really looking forward to this one.

Any other events or resources we missed that should be here? ?

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