SXSW: Startup Village + Lean Startup SXSW = Value

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Scott Francis

The highlight (for me) of last year's SXSW-interactive conference was the Lean Startup SXSW - a whole day of planned content, mainly in one room (in the AT&T executive center) focused on the idea of "the lean startup".? Eric Ries and team did a phenomenal job bringing together a set of topics and speakers that you just normally wouldn't get exposure to in a single day.

Leveraging the success of that forum, SXSW has created the Startup Village this year.? The 4th floor of the Hilton will be converted to startup mecca.? I thought the "Lean Startup SXSW" track might have gone away in favor of this modified (and bigger billing) approach.? Apparently not so.? Today announces that they're bringing Lean Startup SXSW back - and some of the chief instigators are involved again - Eric Ries, Dave McClure, Steve Blank, 500 Startups, et al:

The Lean Startup SXSW will take place on Saturday, March 10th from 9:30am - 6:00pm at the Downtown Hilton (across from the Convention Center), and the most up-to-date agenda can be found here.

So, more central location, same Saturday location in the schedule (good call).? The agenda already has enough speakers identified for me to plan my Saturday schedule.

Once again, good evidence of how SXSW adapts and co-opts good ideas from the outside.? Congrats to the organizers, I'm looking forward to it.

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