#SXSW Sessions: Small Donor Campaigns & Mayors

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Scott Francis

One aspect of SXSW that I don't typically take advantage of is access to politicians at all levels.? I've previously attended sessions on the Austin city-level, which is not very partisan and is more pragmatic in nature. But there have often been other interesting sessions with respect to politics.

Regardless of party affiliation, I think you might find the interview with Beto O'Rourke interesting because of his discussion of how the process of fundraising interferes with the process of governing, which informed his decision to stick to small donors to build his campaign rather than PACs.


And SXSW also hosted a talk by Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London. Incidentally I walked down the sidewalk alongside him the day before as we were on our way to different venues, nice to see him out and about like anyone else in Austin!


And finally there was a session with Jake Tapper interviewing Bernie Sanders, which isn't linked here, but is available on the SXSW site.? It's quite a bit more overtly political.? I think the level of participation from interesting figures in government at SXSW over the years has been an interesting trend - each of the Obamas have spoken here, as have prominent Republicans in the past like Mr. Issa, and several Texas members of government.? A trend that appears to continue!

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