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Scott Francis

After SXSW this year there was no rest for the weary. The following week was IBM's InterConnect conference which is a big deal for BP3 as we're a big IBM partner (in particular in business process and decision management, but also with respect to cognitive computing and blockchain).

Once again, SXSW delivered a great value in 2017.? Two blogs on Austin Startups / Medium exemplified how I felt about it.? First up is "SXSW 2017: Connecting the Great Disconnect" -

Most conferences you go to and can?t wait until it is over so you can go to the bar. Not this one. The fun part of South by Southwest is actually going to the sessions. You are in awe and overcome with a sense of euphoria over the fact that there are so many people across the country who care like you, are dejected like you, optimistic like you, cynical like you, energized like you, yet still hungover like you. Every person is a friend, a citizen, a member of a global community. And you think, finally, this is the connectedness that we all keep talking about.

Not everyone will share her sentiment on the sessions - but I can attest that you don't go in feeling like you can't wait til it is over - because there's no reason not to skip a session to meet with a friend who is in town for SXSW, or to keep going in that conversation you struck up while waiting for your Peached Tortilla pork belly tacos.? SXSW is fantastic at creating serendipity, and the level of serendipity is almost exhausting!

Joshua Baer wrote the second post: "Thank you, SXSW" - and this is how all of us in Austin should really feel about SXSW.

Let?s stop and recognize all of the amazing people on the SXSW team who work all year round to make these two of the best weeks in Austin. Their focus is always putting everyone else in the limelight, but they deserve a lot of credit for making it happen year after?year.

Couldn't agree more.? Like Josh, I'm amazed at the great work that people like Hugh Forrest and his team - and the volunteers(!) - do every year.? I'm also amazed with ATX Startup Crawl and I'm also thankful to Capital Factory and the startups and Red Velvet Events for making it happen!? I'm irrationally proud of Red Velvet Events, however, as Cindy Lo is my wife!

Of course I also have to give a shoutout to Cindy Y. Lo and her team at Red Velvet Events. They are the secret sauce behind of a bunch of the SXSW activations going on and we never would be able to pull off the Startup Crawl without them.

SXSW is a gift every year to Austin. A gift to our economy. A gift to our companies.? A gift to our musicians and fans.? A gift to our hotels.? A gift to our restaurants and bars ... and food trucks.? It is a gift to our Austin brand.

SXSW is Austin's unfair advantage, and we're going to leverage the heck out of it.

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