SXSW is Upon Us

  • March 10, 2011
  • Scott

It starts tomorrow.  But the unofficial pre-parties and meetups have already started.  The map of the 10 “campuses” for SXSW-interactive 2011 is included in this post (linking to the original).  All but the AT&T Conference Center are walking distance from the Austin Convention Center (which is ground zero for SXSW-interactive).  Preparatory discussions on mailing lists have included extensive lists of downtown restaurants, BBQ restaurants, and where to get the best migas (thanks Gary Chou!).  If you haven’t had migas before, or haven’t had them in Austin – try them.  Its breakfast, it is good, and it is quintessential Austin.

If you needed another sign that SXSW was cool, besides the fact that Foursquare is designing oodles of custom badges for it, Apple is actually opening a temporary store just for SXSW, as noted by an article in the Austin-American Statesman, and in GigaOm.  If they’re selling iPad 2’s… expect to see long lines!  Apparently they found the site on Monday, started work on Wednesday, and open for a 2 week limited engagement on Friday!

There are a lot of Canadians coming down – there’s a Maple Leaf Lounge for meeting up with fellow Canadians.  And at least one of our visitors from the far north is blogging about his experiences.  Great first post!  There’s also a big NYC contingent, and several meetups down here (I think sponsored or instigated by Hashable in some cases).

Of course many people swear that the conference is too big and each year they say it will be their last.  But often they do come back.  And blog about it.

I’m excited to see how this year’s event unfolds.  More to come over the next week.

Additional Resources:

SXSWi 2011 Map, courtesy of Cox News

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