#SXSW Featured Session Notes: Eddy Cue

  • March 21, 2018
  • Scott

Eddy Cue made an appearance at SXSW to talk about Apple News and Apple’s views of their own responsibilities in the space.

A few points I took away from his positioning around curating news:

  • Curation is necessary: we have a responsibility to our readers and to society to exercise judgment in what we publish or push out.
  • Free speech is one thing, but bigoted or unsafe speech idoesn’t need to be protected on Apple’s platforms.
  • “Nobody is completely free – we all draw lines- there’s no pornography on these slides, there are no bomb-making apps on our store”

Why not a big acquisition – Apple could afford to buy Disney or Netflix… ?

  • We don’t do big acquisitions. Partly because they’re big and complicated.  But also: we want to skate to where the puck will be in the future.
  • In other words, he’s arguing that if a company is huge, effectively that’s where the puck is already. Let those companies go after current state, while Apple pursues future state.
  • Focusing on quality not quantity (an old Apple line, but likely how they actually think about it, whether or not you agree with their definition of quality)
  • Interesting that Apple views Youtube as dominating the 2-8 minute market for video, and acknowledging that content like Game of Thrones just doesn’t fit in that format, though lots of how-to content does, or an 8 minute car review.

When asked about AR / VR, Eddy’s responses were interesting:

  • Tech like this starts out slowly.  The tools are tough to use, and there isn’t much of a market – not many devices that can run the software.
  • So Apple first lowers the cost / difficulty of building AR/VR applications with a great API kit (ARKit)
  • Second, Apple makes sure the APIs work backward to the phones that are already on the market – thus ensuring that you have 100’s of millions of customers on a single market and platform to consume those AR/VR applications.

Below are two clips – the first is 4 minutes or so on Netflix, and the second is the sound track from the entire talk, with just snapshot pictures rather than video:




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