Stories from College Recruiting: T-shirts

  • April 30, 2015
  • Scott

We’ve had some great interns and college hires at BP3.  One of the things that has made it fun for us is the reaction interns have when we re-connect.  Hugs at job fairs, dinners out, and truly investing in their personal success are just the beginning.

James Rauhut has been interning with us since last summer, working with our Brazos Portal team and by all accounts doing a bang up job.  We’d love to have him coming back to BP3 this year, but we’re (nearly!) equally proud that he’s taking a great job with the IBM Design Studio up the road from us, working with some of our old colleagues from Lombardi.  In either case it is a great vote for the value of a BP3 internship to our interns, but the value isn’t just the career path – it’s the friendships.  On James’ last day he came in with some t-shirts for the Brazos team:


 For those who can’t read the shirts easily:

  • “Did you do a git diff?”
  • “Did you put it in Rally?”
  • “Mmmmk”
  • “Did you gulp the file?”

I love it. I know everyone at BP3 hopes we get a chance to work with James again.  James, good luck to you, friend, all the best in your new career in software and design!

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