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Scott Francis

It was just over 2 years ago that I decided to join Lance in starting BP3.? The day that I decided to take the plunge, my wife and I (along with our daughter) met with her sister at a local Chinese/Cantonese restaurant in Austin and had dinner.

We don't usually talk about my work at dinner, but we spent most of the dinner talking about it that night. I had just decided to inform my boss for the last 4 years that I was going to leave and join Lance in starting BP3, and was getting my thoughts together for that conversation. After a very good dinner, the bill came with 3 fortune cookies.? I opened one, and inside were three fortunes, rather than one:

"Now is the time to try something new."

"You have executive ability. Apply this in the future!"

"Your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them."

Far be it from me to argue with the fortune cookies. Its been a great 2+ years with BP3 - I couldn't ask for a better team to work with, and I'm very grateful to the customers and partners who saw fit to invest in our success, just as we invest in theirs.

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