Speaking with a Clear Voice: Derek Miers

  • February 16, 2011
  • Scott

After reading another of Derek Miers’ posts on Forrester’s site, I have to say I am once again struck by how Derek speaks (and writes) with such a clear voice.  In a recent conversation, he replayed my own words back to me, blending context from other conversations and crystallized my own thinking in the process.  It really is refreshing to have someone shine a mirror on your own ideas to help you understand them better.

Turning back to his post: in this article he paints clear lines of demarcation between two points of view that are out there in the market:

  1. That BPM is defined as a narrow technical approach
  2. That BPM encompasses a wider range of improvement techniques that inform and leverage the technical approach.

Well this cuts right to the heart of the divide between those firms that have successful BPM programs versus those who have projects with a BPM flavor.

Another telling comment:

But each organization needs its own subtle blend of skills, methods, techniques and tools. In a sense, the organization needs to weave its own proprietary method framework — to create its own fabric — a unique approach that reflects its special needs, the maturity of the different business units, their history of change, culture, the current and planned organizational structure (to say nothing of the political challenges).

I could sum this up another way, perhaps less elegantly:  you have to own your own methodology. A great way to do that is to customize the methodology to the particular character of your firm.

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