Speaking of Releases - Brazos UI Enterprise 3.13 Released

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Scott Francis

Yesterday we announced version 1.4 of Brazos Portal, and as with previous versions we're offering downloads of the free trial.? Today, a new release of Brazos UI Enterprise was published, and is available immediately to our Enterprise support customers.? 12 fixes and 2 Enhancements were included in this release. Brazos 3.13 is the best version yet, of the best UI toolkit on the market for IBM BPM.

For products like Brazos UI and Brazos Portal, a steady cadence of releases and improvements has been critical for building adoption and references.? The investments we've made in these products reflect our point of view that long-term investments in a product, with consistent staffing and ownership, really builds value.

I've previously worked at organizations that pulled a team together for a release, and then post release, all staffing decisions were up for grabs as the next release was planned out, and no one "owned" a product or portion of a product over a long period of time.? In my view, that isn't how you build a great product.? Great products are the outcome of improvements over time, built by dedicated teams. While you might tweak the investment level up or down, you don't start over after each release, or move the team off the product after it releases - it's irresponsible.? And yet it seems to be common practice in many software vendors.

A big secret to our success with Brazos has been that we've committed to being a steady and sure hand with our investments.? And our customers, via support contracts, help defray the costs of that development effort.? For that, our team is extremely grateful.? We literally couldn't do this without your support.



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