Speaking at iGrafx 2017: From Process to Insight

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Scott Francis

Something I have been looking forward to this year is speaking at the iGrafx' 2017 conference: from Process to Insight? in Orlando. The speaker lineup is stacked with process transformation experts and I am glad to be among them.? It is shaping up to be a great event, with speakers including the CEO (Ryan Tognazzini) and CTO (Ed Maddock) of iGrafx, Rob Koplowitz from Forrester, and Michael Lim of IBM. More importantly, there are some promising sessions featuring elite companies who leverage iGrafx to produce results.

This year, I will be speaking about converting your process discovery plans to transformation. I?ll be talking about process automation, RPA, and AI ?and really spreading our message of digital operations enabling your employee experience.

This conference is sure to spur some exciting conversations about the intersections of people, process, and technology.

Here are a couple of the abstracts from the website reflecting the great lineup:

At Forrester, Rob?s research focuses on digital process automation as well as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. He feels that companies have an incredible opportunity to transform themselves through proper execution of a digital strategy. Or by doing it wrong, they may well disappear. Rob will discuss the role of process in enabling the ability to focus and prioritize the execution activities around digital process automation in support of a digital strategy.

Rob Koplowitz
VP, Principal Analyst

Embracing our iGrafx Process Excellence Journey through Connectivity

Learn how Vanguard has overcome the challenges and complexity of pace of growth and organizational changes in order to maximize the full potential of iGrafx solutions. Whether you operate through a ?Center for Excellence? or influence change in a direct business line, iGrafx Collaborative Process Management solutions can add value in process transformation as well as larger business initiatives.

Bridging the Strategy-to-Execution Gap to Digitize Your Business

IBM has been successful in helping companies automate key processes for many years which have been instrumental in realizing efficiencies in all size companies. Now, digital transformation is driving automation projects with the goal of enhancing the customer experience for these same companies. IBM is at the forefront of these efforts with a powerful platform of functionality to realize this goal. But as with all initiatives, the automation project activity must be tied to the digital strategy of the business. In partnership with iGrafx, IBM is bridging that gap of strategy to execution. Michael will discuss this vision and share some of his many experiences as a longtime thought leader in the BPM market.

Michael Lim
WW Director Digital Process Automation

And somehow I have to live up to this abstract (wish me luck!) :

How to Convert Your Well-laid Plans for Digital Business Transformation into Operational Reality
With a long history in the process automation space, BP3 has seen the value of digitalization from the start. In this "stories from the trenches" style talk, Scott will walk you through how BP3 moved beyond understanding and planning - on to digital business transformation. He will explore how to take best advantage of your modeling efforts, how to leverage your data (data is the new black!), and what emerging technologies like RPA, Blockchain, and Machine Learning can bring to your digital transformation efforts.

Scott Francis
Chief Executive Officer

It's an exciting moment for process improvement in the context of digital transformation efforts going on around the world.? iGrafx' conference looks to give everyone a chance to think about how to make the most out of their investments in modeling.

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