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Scott Francis

In this season of BPM conferences, with Interconnect in the review mirror, and bpmNEXT next week, I'm also looking ahead to the opportunity to speak at BPM Conference Portugal:? May 14th in Lisbon, Portugal.

The year 2013 was marked by the launch of BPM Conference Portugal, organized by the Rumos Group and framed in the distinctive offering that Edea ? School of Advanced Studies intends to continue to promote.? The BPM Conference Portugal is an event that aims to discuss, comprehensively, subjects that are increasingly part of the organizations change agenda and are serious challenges to managers. Themes that impose new way of thinking about the structuring of organizations to achieve competitiveness factors, grounded in principles of innovation, services, products and operations.

Once again, Alberto Manuel and the staff have assembled an interesting cast of speakers from all over the BPM spectrum. I'm honored to have the chance to attend and moderate a panel discussion on Leadership in the Age of BPM - or the lack thereof!?? (Well positioned after a coffee break so hopefully everyone will be wide wake!)

Registration link is here.

Personally, I'm not only looking forward to a return to Portugal (one of my favorite places I've visited in my life), but also a chance to see these other talks.? There's nothing better than the chance to challenge your thinking with new perspectives and context.? Hope to make some new friends in Lisbon!

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