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Marco Arment's post, "Fertile Ground":

One of my favorite patterns in our industry is when the old and established are wiped out by disruption, irrelevance, or changing fashions. Like a forest fire, clearing out the old is very destructive and shouldn?t be taken lightly. But what?s left behind is a clean slate and immense opportunity.

I don?t think we?ve ever had such an opportunity en masse on iOS. After what we saw of iOS 7 yesterday, I believe this fall, we?ll get our chance.

I think his analysis is spot on.? It seems more compelling the more I think about it:

I don?t think most developers of mature, non-trivial apps are going to have an easy time migrating them well to iOS 7. Even if they overcome the technical barriers, the resulting apps just won?t look and feel right. They won?t fool anyone.

This is great news.

Apple has set fire to iOS. Everything?s in flux. Those with the least to lose have the most to gain, because this fall, hundreds of millions of people will start demanding apps for a platform with thousands of old, stale players and not many new, nimble alternatives. If you want to enter a category that?s crowded on iOS 6, and you?re one of the few that exclusively targets iOS 7, your app can look better, work better, and be faster and cheaper to develop than most competing apps.

Interesting opportunity in BPM as well. For those that want to venture into native iOS apps...




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