Software AG's New Evangelist

  • August 6, 2013
  • Scott

Interesting news out of Software AG yesterday – they’ve appointed Theo Priestley as their new Chief Evangelist.  What makes the news especially interesting to me is that Theo’s approach is not the bland corporate-speak that we’re used to seeing from large software firms in both Europe and the Americas.  He’s a dynamic (and prolific) writer, twitterer, and speaker and I’ve enjoyed sparring with and agreeing with him many times over the years.

From the announcement:

His deep knowledge of technology and business trends and passion for storytelling and enabling new customer experiences mixed with his down to earth, “Zero BS, white knuckle” style makes him a trusted voice in the enterprise technology industry. Theo will continue to write for several technology and business related sites including his own successful blog IT Redux.

“I’m really stoked that Software AG has asked me to join and elevate the story they have to tell through my own style of technology evangelism. I’m known for being outspoken and passionate about the software industry so I want to draw out what all the trends really mean for organisations today, where they’ll lead if they embark on such a journey and how Software AG can enable their business along the way.”

You can already see a change in style in the official announcement.  Even the byline pays homage to his “outspoken and controversial” style!

Congratulations to Software AG on acquiring a great talent for evangelizing and engaging with Software AG’s customers and prospect communities.  It says a lot of the company that they’re ready to make an investment in someone with such a different public persona than the parent company – and I applaud the independence of thought that that reflects!



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