Soduko Conquered by Process

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Scott Francis

I had to laugh when I read John Reynolds' latest post, regarding a process for solving Soduko puzzles.? My parents are avid Soduko puzzle fans, so I hope they never read this!? I've never been interested in the Soduko puzzle phenomenon (or crossword puzzles for that matter). So the process won't make Soduko boring for me - but I can see how it would for anyone who previously enjoyed them.? This is a bit like video games (Pac Man anyone?) that can be reduced to a series of prescribed moves.? Of course, with video games there is still an execution element that you can screw up, but once you've reduced the game to "not making a mistake" it is less interesting than when you're in "figure it out" mode.

It just seemed like the right kind of topic for the day before Thanksgiving, when there might be a lot of time on the couch after eating a bit too much turkey, and when the Soduko puzzles might be coming out...

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