Kate Leggett of Forrester's Customer Service Myths, Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense...Continued is a great read on the myths of "Social" customer service.? But equally, these are statements that should ring true in BPM circles.

The first two myths:

  • Social CRM is giving customers control. Her response "Nonsense".? I love the candor.? Of course, she's right.? "Social" tools are giving customer control, but social CRM and BPM is much more about regaining control of the conversation, taking the initiative, and reacting quickly.
  • Twitter works for customer service. She rightly calls this a half-truth - because it works in certain circumstances and for some audiences, but not everything can be resolved in 140-character chunks.

Obviously, there is more on her blog.? I think the short take is: being honest with yourself about what your goals are with social technologies is the first step toward achieving great results with it.? And, generally speaking, when someone puts the word "Social" in front of an enterprise TLA software category, they're talking about the company leveraging social to get control.

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