So this happened… at the ABJ TechFlash Titans

  • November 6, 2015
  • Scott

IMG_0056 (1)

I have to say, I’m very honored to receive the award for 2015 Best CIO/CTO from the Austin Business Journal and its judges.  The ceremony and reception were held at what was once the renowned music venue, La Zona Rosa, but which is now home to PGI. 

“Every day ABJ sends out to thousands of subscribers around the globe our free Austin TechFlash email, and every weekly edition includes the TechFlash section. But with our TechFlash Titans awards we shine a spotlight on the sector in a whole new way to honor some of the people who have allowed this sector to flourish.”

I’m in great company on the list of winners and nominees, who represent some of the best people and companies in the Austin area.  The ABJ deserves some credit for beating the drum about the great businesses here in Austin, and the business climate here – a climate that has benefited BP3 greatly even though most of our customers are outside of Austin.

This award says a lot more about our team at BP3 than it does about me.  We have a great team, and they work tirelessly to make our customers look smart for having chosen to work with us.  It turns out, that some of that shine rubs off on the CTO as well.  Thanks to everyone at BP3 who carry the torch for us every day, and most of all thanks to Lance, who has placed all his bets alongside mine these last 8 years.


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