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Scott Francis

Great summary post from Zbigniew on BPM Tips for BPM skills for 2017.? It's a good question for the experts in the world, and they have weighed in, impressively.? This post caught me in the midst of traveling in Europe to visit our customers and team there, but I wanted to add a few thoughts to the already impressive list.

There was a lot of emphasis on more generalized skills - Javascript, Java, Business architecture, process mining, flexibility, decision management, etc. And they're all right.? A few picked out themes on leadership, vision, and managing change.?

In our view, the skill that never goes out of style or out of date is leadership.? Any technology evolution or disruption

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depends upon people to lead the change, and make sure it is effective.? I?ve never seen a BPM program suffer from a surplus of leadership skills. ?

Leadership will take you through any technology evolution, and into the next one.? Mobile. Cloud. Location.? Social.? IoT.? Cognitive.? And the next one.? Businesses will always rely on leaders to take them in the right direction and to navigate the waters.

Secondly, another ?skill? for 2017 to develop is to deeply care about your customers? businesses. This means understanding your customers? core motivations, programs, and directives - and values. And it means adapting your work with BPM to align with those objectives and values.? And finally, develop a personal regard for their business, make it your business.

If you're really on top of things, you make caring and leadership part of your culture.? And that's the goal I have for BP3 - but it is a journey not a destination.? Every time I think we're there, there's a new generation of leaders to develop, and a new set of customers to invest in.? So it is always a work in progress.

Clay Richardson, previously of Forrester, referred to BPM consultancies as the "new breed of digital consultants".? And that's the other trend to keep an eye on, as the delivery of business process evolution and transformation is critical to the delivery of digital transformation more broadly in large enterprises.? At BP3 we're working hard to be on point to help our customers through that journey.

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