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Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton[/caption]

I just got the news that MWD Advisors is winding down operations:

"When I started MWD Advisors way back in 2005 with my co-founder Neil Macehiter, there was no iPhone, no Twitter, and Facebook was just a college website. We started our technology research and advisory business because even then, we could see that post dotcom boom and bust, technology was still changing fast and would remake a lot of how businesses and organisations work.

I?m not sure we knew just how much things would change, but some things have very definitely stayed the same. We?ve researched and advised on the impacts of SOA, integration, collaboration, social technologies, identity management, enterprise architecture, BPM, analytics, big data, IoT, low-code application development, RPA, PaaS, blockchain and more.

We?ve had a great run of 13 years, but I can?t pretend it?s been all easy or all fun. There have been some really tough and stressful times. Running a small business has to be a bit of a labour of love ? and luckily, I have always loved what I do."

I co-founded BP3 with Lance Gibbs over 11 years ago, and I can relate to a lot of what Neil wrote in this post.? There are some amazing highs in starting and running a small business, but there are also crushing lows when things are tough - the weight of responsibility for your team, and your clients, looms large at times.

One thing I have loved about MWD is that they (and Neil) have always produced top-notch research that has helped us understand the market we operate in better. It's been the best value for your money for research for many years, and we've gladly paid for it!

I just want to take a minute to say thank you to Neil. Thank you for sharing your insights with us privately, in your research, and in your blogs and presentations, and also by speaking to our clients at Driven (formerly BPMCAMP).? You've been such a positive influence on the markets we care about: digital operations, business process management, decision management, integration, AI/ML.? Thank you for being a fan (if I can be so bold) of what we're trying to do at BP3.? And thank you for taking time to become friends over the years.

I?m not leaving the technology industry analyst role, though ? from December 2018 I?m taking up a senior leadership role at IDC Europe. Our Principal Analyst Craig Wentworth is making the move to IDC at the same time, joining as Research Director of IDC?s European Blockchain Practice. You can find us on LinkedIn if you?d like to connect.

I'll keep following your work at IDC, and looking forward to seeing the fruits of that labor. It's a very nice win for IDC to retain your services. Any time you're in Austin there's a taco and a beer on the house, courtesy of your friends at BP3.

See you in London soon, sir!

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