Simplifying Work in a Complex Environment

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Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Software Complexity

The end-users who leverage our software shouldn't have to know anything about the infrastructure that supports it.? They open a link or browser and away they go, leveraging Brazos Portal to manage their work, and Brazos UI to execute their process work.

But the reality is that behind the scenes IT is complex.? BP3's clients are among the biggest firms in the world - including among the biggest financial firms - and as a result they have complex infrastructure and IT context.? That complexity is easy to expose to users in the form of separate logins, separate systems, different user experiences, and having to remember where each kind of work comes from and is managed.

It's a lot to expect of someone in your call center or operations who is just trying to take care of your customers!

At BP3, we've been gradually tackling this challenge, leveraging the world-class experience of Brazos Portal, and marrying it to some great architecture work behind the scenes to make it even more flexible.

Providing an Integrated Work Experience

Just recently we completed a production deployment at scale for a client who runs a hybrid solution in production - some of which is on-premise and some of which is in the cloud.? This situation will persist for some time, perhaps indefinitely. Their call centers and operations folks do work that spans both the on-premise and cloud versions of IBM BPM.? They didn't want their call centers and operations teams to have to login to two separate environments, and they didn't want them to have to manage their work in two places.

Leveraging Brazos, that work is one integrated work experience rather than two separate work experiences.? We've done this a couple of times at smaller scale, but this is likely the first of its kind at scale for IBM BPM.? The good news is that you can acquire Brazos Portal very reasonably and deploy it in a highly scale-able and fault-tolerant environment. And if you are already a Brazos Portal customer, there may be no additional cost to you, depending on your infrastructure and support needs.

To sum it up, Brazos Portal with Cloud Federation is running in production for a major financial services firm.? It is the only portal for IBM BPM that provides users with seamless access to tasks from both their on premise and on cloud BPM installations with a single login.? Thanks to IBM's partner program, BP3 is able to offer this in a fully IBM-sanctioned fashion for any IBM customer who leverages the IBM DBA suite.

Brazos Portal leverages an Elastic Search back-end that has major advantages over previous versions against relational databases. The best compliment I can pay to our engineering team is that this version of Brazos Portal has eliminated quite a bit of complexity and code behind the scenes, while providing more scale-ability and functionality.

More than just IBM BPM

In addition, Brazos Portal's architecture is such that we can plug other work into it - which means that these same users can manage their work across several systems and leverage SSO (single sign-on) to retain a one-login experience.? Each system is connected with a task emitter that supplies Brazos Portal with all the information it needs to keep each end-user's work queue up to date.? Each user can then set up their own customized views to manage that work or prioritize it.?? We can plug in to systems like SalesForce or ServiceNow for example, or just about any task-oriented system.

If you're looking for a better work-management experience for your team members, give Brazos Portal a look!

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