Simplify, Please

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Scott Francis

Gary Comerford:

I think one of the reasons that a lot of process management projects tend to get bogged down is because they try to understand the 'whole level of detail' issue way too early. I sat today with one guy who had brought Visio diagrams to the meeting detailing everything he did. These diagrams had about 25 or 30 activities on each one. At the end of the sessions we had been able to simplify and condense those activities into about four boxes. For each workflow we were looking for: A trigger, A set of high level activities, any important deliverables, touchpoints to other processes and an end state. Nothing more.

So true.? BPM depends upon building the right abstractions for your business, and business processes.? Getting to the right level of detail (rather than the lowest) allows us to build solutions at the right level.? When you see flowcharts covering a wall (or more than one screen in Visio) - the yellow flags are waving.? Slow down, caution.

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