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Scott Francis

Loved this post by Jaisundar, "Leverage BPM to Kill the Silos. In Your Mind":

...What was worse, these silos did not exist in the IT landscape at all. They were forming in our minds.

Yes, business users? thinking was becoming siloed. Tendencies were developing to compartmentalize business processes addressed by the ERP or CRM as an ERP process or a CRM process. This thinking further exacerbated already existing silos by pigeonholing organizational processes under different packaged applications. Forward thinking business process professionals started to confront the risk of overlooking the many processes that overlap more than one application, different functions, different departments, or even different teams.

I recommend reading the whole post for context, but the main point is clear: the silo thinking isn't along the old functional lines, but it still exists in new ways, around categories of systems.? And in some ways this has been harder to eradicate.

Jaisundar sees BPM as the answer:

One of the most fundamental benefits of business process management (BPM) is the opportunity it presents for rethinking the process and breaking free of the grip of a decades? old ?silo? mind-set.

The challenge is that you have to get mindsets to change - software alone won't do it for you.? The software can make it easier to visualize the new world without silos, but there's still a lot of heavy lifting to do with the organization and culture.

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