"Eighty percent of success is showing up."
Woody Allen


"Showing up every day isn't enough. There are a lot of guys who show up every day who shouldn't have showed up at all."
James Caan

Matt Swanson writes about his own blogging experience, which consists of "Do things, write about it."

This is effectively how I started writing the BP3 blog.? We were doing things at BP3, and I started writing about what we were doing - or about BP3 - or about the larger world of BPM around us.

The effect has been gradual, and long-term.? We now have twice the monthly traffic we had a year ago.? And that was about twice the traffic the year before that.? The first year I struggled to make time for a post every week. Now we publish nearly every day.? It took time to build up to that frequency but like anything you do, practice is key.

The BP3 blog has also led to business opportunities.?? Even more often, It has led to great conversations with industry peers that have helped inform our philosophy and practice around BPM.

Showing up is a big part of blogging success, but it isn't enough.? Much of the rest is finding your own voice and content you really care about.? Writing a blog isn't the fastest way to build a brand or following, but honestly it is more fun and interesting to just start and end with content you care about - and a blog is the perfect vehicle for that.

(There are probably lessons here for work in general, but that's a topic for another day!)


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