Savvion Update from MWD

  • August 28, 2012
  • Scott

I think Neil Ward-Dutton’s coverage of Savvion was kinder than Progress likely deserve right now:

The announcement of Savvion’s divestiture was one of the biggest surprises within Progress Software’s strategic about-turn. The BPM vendor’s founder is busy building momentum so that when the divestiture happens it can hit the ground running. It will have to be smart, though; since it was bought by Progress in 2010 the market for BPM technology platforms has moved on.

It isn’t so much about building momentum at this point as stopping the bleeding.  We’ve talked to a couple of their top resources who have left the firm since they made the divestiture announcement.  That announcement had negative implications on sales reps quotas, on consultants’ job security, and on customer’s production process plans.  It was a massive customer service failure, in my opinion.

One of the comments on the post read, in part:

I wonder if Dr K addressed the “talent flight” that has occurred since the Progress acquisition? In particular, Product Marketing, Sales, and Pre-Sales technical staff left quite broadly in the two years or so since the acquisition.

This is the toughest thing with any acquisition (or divestiture) – hanging on to the star talent that, quite frankly, can pick up and dust off and go work elsewhere.  It is especially hard when they’re finding out about divestiture in the news, rather than from execs before any final decisions have been made.


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