Sandy's Turn: IBM BPM Analyst Day

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Scott Francis

So we've covered Jim Sinur's thoughts, and we've covered Bruce Silver's.? Now it is time to take a look at what Sandy Kemsley had to say about it.

The short version: Sandy gives the overall approach of analyst day and the IBM strategy a thumbs up.? David Millen, the new VP of BPM and DM (taking over for Phil Gilbert) gets good marks.? But regarding Case Manager, Sandy has some concerns:

I see that it?s a fundamental problem that FileNet/Case Manager is in a completely separate software business unit within IBM: I?ve been saying for a while that integration between the products would be easier if they were all part of the same group. Bruce Silver later referred to the lack of information about Case Manager as the elephant in the room: in his opinion, the one gaping whole in the content at today?s sessions.

As an outsider, I'd say the writing is on the wall here.? I don't have any inside scoop, but from where I'm sitting, BPM and ODM is the center of gravity.? The fact that Case Manager is on the FileNet side is slowing IBM down from doing what everyone knows is the right thing to do - making it a consistent and coherent piece of the BPM / ODM story, just as they did with WPS and ILOG (and a few other technologies).


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