Sandy Kemsley on Brazos: "One Ring to Rule them All"

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Brazos Portal was released for General Availability (GA) last week. A companion software to Brazos UI, it can also stand on its own.? Where Brazos UI and Brazos Charts are development tools designed to let BPM Developers build better UI and Charts, Brazos Portal is a fully-formed web application that also functions beautifully as a responsive mobile app.? The Brazos Portal was designed around the individual user within a process, and designed to help them do their job better and execute process work with a better user experience.? We'll go back to the design table to come up with a better answer for managers and process owners.

Brazos Portal really marks a new era for BP3.? This is a great piece of software, the Task Drive is truly differentiating.? And it is now patent-pending, a first for BP3.? But what do the BPM gurus have to say about it?? Well, the first returns are in...

Sandy Kemsley has weighed in decisively on BP3's Brazos Portal: "BP3 Brazos Portal For IBM BPM: One Ring To Rule Them All?"? I recommend our readers click the link and read the full post on her site.

Sandy summed up our background and adoption of Brazos UI toolkit:

They sell the services and support around the Brazos UI Toolkit, but give it away to encourage adoption. This seems to be working: as of the end of May, they had more than 400 registered developers who had downloaded the toolkit and about 40 production deployments.

I have to agree. The chart I shared is here:

brazos adoption

Registered developer count was in fact 468 in this chart, and production deployments at 44 (since, it has crossed 50).? I'd say the strategy is working.? However, the real key is that Brazos UI is also the best solution for building UIs for IBM BPM.? Best and Free is hard to beat.

I've been talking about building great beautiful interfaces for BPM with Brazos since day 1.? And with Brazos Portal, I just feel we have captured that lightning in a bottle.? But what did Sandy take away from the demo and the online demo version?

The ring ? sorry, Task Drive ? is an extremely clever and beautiful piece of UI.

We'll take it.? And we'll keep working to improve the usability and experience.? She captured perfectly a big reason behind our shift in focus to the portal:

However, like that tendency to start redecorating your whole house once those new curtains make you realize how outdated everything else is, customers using applications built with the Brazos UI Toolkit wanted a more responsive and modern portal interface than the out-of-the-box IBM portal.? [...]

BP3?s answer to this is the? Brazos Portal: responsive and mobile-ready, customizable, and with local search, sort, filter and task display for optimal performance. Although Brazos Portal is being positioned as a mobile portal ? I suspect that BP3 doesn?t want to explicitly position against IBM?s own desktop portal ? it appeared to be completely usable as a desktop portal as well, with the added benefit of a unified experience across all platforms. However, the two portals can coexist peacefully on the same process data, allowing for only certain users or devices to be on Brazos while the others are on IBM.

Take the Brazos Portal for a spin.? It will change how you think about getting process work done against BPM systems.?? We think it is going to substantially improve the quality of projects we delivery for customers.? And thanks to Sandy we have a new slogan:? "One Ring to Rule them All".

Look for more exciting announcements for Brazos Portal coming soon.? But in the meantime, let's turn to support options.

First, there's the Free Edition of Brazos Portal.? The online demonstration let's you experience what the Free Edition is like.? Because it is free, it is largely as-is and without any support commitments from BP3, though of course we'll do our best to help, in order to encourage adoption.

Second, there's the Premium Edition of Brazos Portal.? Customize your logo, colors, features, and pre-defined groups in Premium.? A support contract is required with the premium version, which also entitles Premium customers to prioritized response times for support tickets or resolutions for technical problems.? We'll make sure you get up and running with a white glove treatment.

Third, with Enterprise Edition , Brazos Portal customers are going to be able to integrate with back-end systems directly, as well as federate BPM installations and make it look like "one" installation from the end user's point of view.? Again, a support contract is required, but entitles Enterprise customers to prioritized response times and support tickets.

I want to take a moment to thank our customers, who make investments like Brazos Portal possible.? All along the way, from Brazos UI to Brazos Charts to Brazos Portal, we've had great customers who have trusted us and invested in our mutual success.? Those dividends are paying off in the form of great user experience software for BPM, which we can in turn share with our customers.? I feel lucky to be part of the BP3 team and to have the opportunity to turn customers into fans of BP3.

We welcome your feedback in the forum below if you have questions or comments.





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