Robotics with Business Context: CIOReview Names BP3 to Top 20 Most Promising Robotics Providers

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Scott Francis

CIOReview published a timely report on the 20 Most Promising Robotics Solution Providers last week - with a nice rundown of how BP3 approaches RPA (Robotic Process Automation) as a critical component for improving the employee experience:

"An evangelist for business process improvement, Lance Gibbs, who is the founder and chairman of BP3, is well aware of the nitty-gritty of digital operations and transformation and underscores an important aspect?the correlation between employee experience and customer experience across the various touchpoints. As companies roll out innovative technologies to end customers, he adds, they must also focus on revamping the legacy systems for better employee experience."

Employee experience isn't something you'll hear most solution providers talking about - but it is important if you want to adapt and drive change in an organization.

Key to success with automation is not just bringing the technical tools to the table, but also focusing on the business context driving automation - and that's what drives the value.? BP3's background in processes and decisions allows us to create more value with RPA, and automation of all kinds.

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