RIM: If Complex is Good, They're Fine.

  • December 24, 2010
  • Scott

In reading about RIM, I’m always amazed at how complex their statements are about their products.  It is almost the opposite of how Apple talks about their products.

Business Week’s quote of Balsillie:

“There’s tremendous turbulence in the ecosystem, of course, in mobility. And that’s sort of an obvious thing, but also there is tremendous architectural contention at play. And I’m going to really frame our mobile architectural distinction. We’ve taken two fundamentally different approaches in their causalness. It’s a causal difference, not just nuance. It’s not just a causal direction that I’m going to really articulate here — and feel free to go as deep as you want — it’s really as fundamental as causalness.”

Wow.  Sometimes complex language hides simple truths – usually truths we don’t want to face.

I hope RIM gets their product lineup act together. I was a happy RIM user for years (well, not so happy with voice quality of the phones, but the texting/email was great).  But I feel like Apple (and Android) have completely thrown them off their game.  They’re no longer pursuing their own best path, they’re reacting.  I’d recommend they focus on their own vision of mobile computing – and simplify.  Simplify the message, simplify the product line, simplify the hardware, and simplify the software. Make it easier for consumers to articulate why they use a blackberry instead of an iPhone.

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