Rich Phillips Joins BP3 as Chief Strategy Officer

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We're proud to announce that Rich Phillips is joining BP3 as Chief Strategy Officer.

Lance and I were fortunate enough to get to know Rich while he was an executive at a Lombardi customer.? We couldn't be more excited about having his help growing BP3 to the next level.? Rich will be enhancing our offering around process and strategy - BP Strategy - as well as helping our customers across the spectrum of BPM programs.

Rich shares our vision for what process innovation could mean to our customers.? And he shares our vision for building BP3: innovation, process, and the best team in the business.

Full text of the press release follows:?

Rich Phillips Joins BP3 as Chief Strategy Officer
Seasoned strategy and operations executive joins leadership team to launch high-value strategy practice.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) October 28, 2012

BP3, a business process innovation company, is pleased to announce that Rich Phillips will be joining the BP3 team as Chief Strategy Officer.

In this capacity, Rich is responsible for the BP Strategy offering to our Customers: delivering on their brand promise through effective process strategy and management practices. Rich will also work closely with the BP3 leadership team in the expansion of our value proposition and service offerings.

Rich brings to BP3 an impressive depth of business and technology expertise, spanning C-level executive roles including CEO, CIO, CSO, CMO and COO. Rich has developed a compelling breadth of business transformation experience, aiding numerous companies in the successful translation of business strategy into effective operational execution ? be it growth, product innovation, customer operations or foundational value chain delivery.

?We are excited to have Rich join the BP3 leadership team, and pleased to bring the BP Strategy offering to our valuable clients,? said Lance Gibbs, Chief Executive Officer of BP3. ?Our relationship with Rich commenced when he was Chief Operating Officer of Maritz Travel, a client for Lombardi Software. Rich and his team pioneered many BPM innovations as a key method of achieving strategic transformation objectives, ultimately leading to Rich speaking at numerous industry conferences including Lombardi Driven, Gartner Group and Forrester Research.?

?Our clients place great value on the exceptional business process expertise the BP3 team has provided through the years,? added Scott Francis, BP3 Chief Technology Officer. ?This value has extended from our core process services through the high-growth BPM product and service innovations of our BP Labs, BP Mobility and BP Deploy solutions. Recognizing our expertise and value, our clients have increasingly called upon us to help craft effective process strategy which aligns process execution to business goals.?

?I am thrilled to join the impressive team at BP3, long recognized as the industry leader in business process management,? said Phillips. ?The exceptional talent resident in the organization has a wonderful heritage of delivering market-leading value to countless clients across nearly every industry. I am also struck by the strength of the culture and unwavering commitment to excellence in customer delivery.?

About BP3:

BP3, a business process innovation company, delivers winning outcomes to clients through high-value business process solutions and services. BP3?s proven approach to process management simplifies and accelerates innovation for Fortune 500 clients across multiple industries and business applications.

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