Recruiting, One Hug at a Time

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Scott Francis

We had a really good recruiting visit to Rose-Holman yesterday. Just about every company has a booth, the matching shirts, the toys or t-shirt giveaways.? Many of them have good pitches and offer letters. And some companies will attempt to buy acceptance with money and signing bonuses, while others focus on who they are and what kind of mission or work they do.? And while still others bring flashy displays.? Lots of good options for students.

And the students are doing just fine.? The next generation isn't letting us down, they're just as motivated and smart and focused on the future as my generation was.

I'm glad I went - because the best part for me was the smiles - and the hugs - from our interns.? These people mean so much to us - we want the best for them.? At BP3 or where ever they might go.? They're family.? Except when we're playing table tennis, and then it's every man or woman for themselves(!)...

If we were keeping score by hugs, the BP3 team was winning this recruiting competition hands down.? If I had one piece of advice for this year's college graduates - it's follow your heart.? Happiness and team spirit are food for the soul. And Austin is a fabulous place to be in 2015.


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