Recommended Sessions for Wednesday Feb 24 @ #IBMInterconnect 2016

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Scott Francis

Wednesday's scheduled also has a couple of fantastic sessions from BP3, Kaiser, and Wells Fargo, as well as other customers.? Here's our recommended schedule for the day:

10:00am | 5021A Creating Lasting Process Change in Wells Fargo Enrollments, Mandalay Ballroom I.? Connie Masteron, SVP with Wells Fargo, joins Rainer Ribback, BP3's Chief Operating Officer, to discuss how to move beyond the software implementation into the realm of lasting change.

As part of the recent realignment of Wells Fargo's Wholesale Enrollments BPM program, we introduced "Voice of the Customer" and business architecture concepts in the program. These concepts have brought renewed clarity to the extended project team of over 200 people, who have been involved with this vision for the last several years. The discussion will focus on our specific business considerations, and the change in approach that we adopted. We will discuss the application of IBM Blueworks Live to help with business architecture, and how we effectively drive requirements into our Process Factory with that approach.

12:00pm | 3152A Achieving Business Process Efficiencies with IBM Business Process Manager at Carlsberg, Mandalay Ballroom I.? Our customer, Kenneth Lindegaard of Carlsberg Denmark, explains how BPM and business process efficiencies align.

Generating efficiencies and optimizing business processes is at the top of the agenda at Carlsberg, and IBM Business Process Manager is one of the levers for that. BPM is used for processes across the whole organization to ensure process execution according to design. Learn how just two BPM developers implemented fifteen processes in eighteen months, spanning from fields sales to back office, with process execution on both iPads and laptops.

12:00pm | 2747A Usuing IBM Blueworks Live "App Builder" to Augment IBM BPM at Kaiser Permanente, Reef Ballroom E.? Alex de Leon, and Monika Aggarwal of Kaiser Permanente report back on how their use of the App Builder has gone to-date, in real-world use scenarios.?

The Kaiser Permanente BPM program is evolving to use the complete suite of IBM tools. In addition to IBM Blueworks Live and IBM BPM, we can now leverage Blueworks Live "App Builder" as an inexpensive way to rapidly develop lightweight application workflows. This enables us to extend existing business process models without the time and resources required for fully fledged BPM development. Hear how Blueworks Live "App Builder" can be used as the right tool to augment IBM BPM development. This session will include a demonstration and case study.

1:15pm | 2124A How Starward Enables Guests to Customize their Hotel Experience using IBM ODM. Ballroom J.? Josh Foure of Starwood, presenting.

Starwood believes that the next battle for customer loyalty will come from allowing guests to customize their experience. To that end, Starwood launched SPG Preferences in late 2014 to specify room and brand preferences. The options presented had to vary based on many different parameters, including the guest, the property and the context (pre-booking, during the booking and post-booking). The team used IBM ODM both to manage the complex rules and also to provide a business-friendly interface that enables Starwood to quickly change and add new preferences to the system. This success story shows that ODM is not just for fraud (although we are also evaluating it for fraud detection/prevention).

3:45pm | 4681A Creating Change in Healthcare with Kaiser Permanente, Mandalay Ballroom I.? David Herring of Kaiser, and Scott Francis of BP3, presenting.?

Custom healthcare applications can increase productivity, create faster response times and further boost competitive advantage. Come explore how Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care organization in the U.S., used the Smarter Process Suite to develop a hybrid solution that not only enhanced the value of legacy systems, but also embraced emerging technologies like IBM Bluemix and the Apple Watch. Over ten million health plan members rely on the Kaiser Permanente, and we rely on IBM.






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