Recommended Sessions for Thursday Feb 25th @ #IBMInterconnect 2016

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Scott Francis

The last day! Still a few good sessions to catch!

8:30am | 5737A Healthcare Insurance Claims Management and Self-INvoicing BPM Solution at Advancecare, Reef Ballroom D. Vitor Salvador of Advance Care presenting

One of the most critical processes at Portuguese health insurance provider AdvanceCare concerns claims management from the end users and correspondent invoicing and payment from the healthcare suppliers. With an innovative solution based on IBM BPM, it was possible to the organization to dematerialize the process and implement a self-invoicing procedure with electronic invoices. Learn how this was accomplished and hear the business results of this innovative approach.

9:30am | 4674A Changing How Knowledge Workers Work: The Future of Business Operations with IBM BPM and Watson, Ballroom J

As the Digital Disruption upends existing business models, organizations must find new ways to simplify how work gets done. As products are being customized to segments of one, knowledge worker productivity must increase dramatically to continue to fulfill on this promise: BPM meet Cognitive Computing. While BPM has thrived in the last decade at managing both well-known and ad hoc tasks, making work manageability a science, introducing Watson will bring the "art" of each knowledge worker into the mix. In this session, we'll discuss our vision of the future where digital businesses create goal-oriented, process applications with built-in work management and cognitive insight to fundamentally change how knowledge workers get their jobs done.

9:30am | TELUS Transforms OSS/BSS Integration Using IBM BPM Software with TM Forum Industry Standards, Mandalay Ballroom I. I'm especially interested in this one as I participated in a BPM evaluation in 2005 or so with Lombardi and, at the time, TELUS went a different direction. Should be interesting to see what they're up to with the product that is the spiritual successor to Lombardi:

TELUS uses IBM BPM and the Telecom Pack to deliver standards-based (TM Forum) OSS/BSS integration on time at less cost, driving increased quality, speed and agility. During our transition to provide broadband/IT services and infrastructure, evolving the application architecture has been challenging. TELUS has gained unprecedented reuse of our SOA platform, allowing us to develop new innovative solutions with ease. With IBM, TELUS has emerged into the new digital world and can better support the growing demand for our services. More than 60 OSS/BSS systems have been integrated using the IBM platform and Telecom Pack. Come hear about our journey towards TELUS' standards-aligned SOA Implementation using IBM BPM Server and Telecom Pack.

11:30am | 5692A AXA Belgium Sped up product innovation using a best-of-break product catalog.? Ballroom J.?

The insurance industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Companies need to respond faster to market demand with new products and services. At AXA Belgium, we created a Product Catalog to drive innovation with speed (product advice, product eligibility, product pricing, etc.). This talk shares the challenges AXA overcame to achieve a first implementation of a Product Catalog. This includes ODM/MDM/BPMS/Watson integration to support product design and product execution. Throughout their journey, AXA collaborated with IBM to ensure a best-of-breed solution.



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