Recommended Sessions for Monday Feb 22 @ #IBMInterconnect 2016

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Scott Francis

Continuing a tradition from previous years at Impact, we?re sharing our thoughts about the best sessions at IBM?s Interconnect conference. The conference is again spread across two hotels this year, which is going to take some getting used to.

I always recommend attending the general session on the first day.? Robert LeBlanc and others will hold court on the main stage at 8:15am PST.

At 10:30am, Achieving Cognitive Business Operations with IBM Smarter Process.? You'll get to see not only key members of IBM's product team - David Millen, James Casey, and Jeff Goodhue - you'll also see one of our favorite customers - Kenneth Lindegaard of Carlsberg Denmark, and others from RBS, Westjet, and Travis Perkins.

Businesses are looking for new ways to raise their game and rethink how they serve their customers. Enter Cognitive Business Operations that provides your business with the ability to sense, respond and learn directly within your operational processes. Attend this keynote to learn how you can easily incorporate groundbreaking cognitive capabilities to solve previously intractable operational problems in a dramatically new way?a new way with learning systems, which simplifies how you get work done while creating new experiences for your customers. This session also features an all-star set of customer speakers sharing their IBM Smarter Processes successes in industries such as CPG, financial services, retail, hospitality and public sector.

At 12pm noon,?4415A Panel Discussion: What's Next for Business Process in the Era of Digital Transformation? - Ballroom J.?
This one includes some fantastic speakers, including Jim Sinur of Flueresque, James Casey and Harley Davis of IBM, David Herring of Kaiser Permanente, Gary Barnett of Ovum, and Irene Lyakovetsky of IBM.? Looking forward to a great discussion.

Business is changing to leverage processes in new and innovative directions. Customer insights from multiple channels?cloud, mobile, social, IoT and Cognitive Computing?are shaping how business gets done and redefining business processes, responsiveness and customer relationships. Disruptive business models that take advantage of what's newly possible offer great potential to act in context in real-time and operationalize contextual insights from sources like Twitter and The Weather Channel. Join this lively interactive talk to hear analyst Gary Barnett from Ovum and IBM business leaders discuss key trends and share how technology will enable organizations to drive digital transformation, accelerate growth and connect better with clients.

1:30pm | 5116A Drive Innovation with Smarter Process Cloud Solutions - Ballroom J.

Learn how you can drive innovation in your business with cloud-based process and decision applications. This session will cover IBM's market-leading business process and decision management cloud services?IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud and IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud. This session will provide an overview of the offerings, including which types of processes work best in the cloud, how to accomplish hybrid scenarios, example case studies, and many more useful hints and tips to help make your cloud-based process projects successful.

If BPM Platform operations best practices are more your speed, there's a session (2974A)? at 1:30 in Ballroom I on that subject led by two IBM'ers that we have a lot of respect for - Chris Richardson and Jerome Boyer.

3pm | 1986A Forming a Successful BPM Center of Excellence at Wells Fargo, Ballroom I.? Vincent Beggs of Wells Fargo, and Larissa Leybovich of IBM explain how they've approached building a successful BPM Center of Excellence at Wells Fargo. Looking forward to seeing a great session from another customer!

With some wildly successful BPM implementations and a handful of failures and false starts, ad hoc information sharing proved ineffective in ensuring that initiatives in flight across the organization would follow one of the paths to success. Even when successful, teams reinvented solutions and wrestled with design decisions other teams had solved and settled, resulting in slower times to market, increased costs and increased risks to success. Wells Fargo business and IT leaders, recognizing the unique value BPM solutions were providing, charged a team to design a BPM CoE that would take advantage of the deep experience available to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the BPM teams. This presentation details that journey.

3pm | Smarter Process Technical Strategy and Innovations Overview, Oceanside A - IC Lounge MT 1.? James Casey, Stephane Mery, and Eric Herness explain the forward direction. It is worth catching one of the sessions along these lines to see where they're going at a more technical level. At BP3 we are adopting some of the key innovations that IBM is pushing at the API level, more to come on that front.

This session will provide an overview of the Smarter Process technical strategy and direction across business process and decision management. Key themes and strategies that pervade the portfolio will be shared. Current and emerging capabilities in the portfolio that foreshadow future capabilities will be highlighted. Enterprise Architecture and Application Architecture implications will be discussed and demonstrated.

4:30pm | 5271A Configurable Solutions in a Center of Excellence for IBM Smarter Process suite at Deutsche Bank. Reef Ballroom F.? Will be interesting to see the overview, from one of our finance industry customers, as 3 Deutsche Bank representatives hold forth on their approach.?

Deutsche Bank Group increased adoption and utilization of the investment in the IBM Smarter Process suite three-fold in eighteen months using a "Center of Excellence" approach. The CoE drives a "platform approach" to the middleware and supports building of self-service, configurable solutions for the business by leveraging the strengths of the IBM Smarter Process suite. This has enabled the bank to cost-effectively meet its regulatory compliance and operational excellence needs. The platform provides several shared services and compliance to the bank's standards and processes. By working with IBM to establish the CoE, the bank ensured that the products are indeed used in the right manner and for the right purposes.

6pm - 6:20pm | 1219A Building a Bigger BPM: Scaling your Implementation to Cope with Big Business Needs. Systems Engagement Center.

oids big problems!"]" data-sheets-userformat="[null,null,769,[null,0],null,null,null,null,null,null,null,4,0]">BPM talks about "project to program"?but can your BPM architecture and implementation keep up with your business needs, especially in a large enterprise? What makes it big? What influences the size of your BPM implementation? How many environments should you have... and how many do you need? How many BPM instances do you need, and what should they look like? How should you distribute your processes around your infrastructure? How can you scale BPM and what are the scaling options? What kinds of processes are there, and why does it matter? Business Process decisions can have big impacts on the technical implementation. Come and find out what these impacts are, and how to make sure your big BPM avoids big problems!

That ought to get you a good start to your first day at Interconnect!





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