This snippet from a Bloomberg article on Apple's ForceTouch and 3D Touch development and design effort (emphasis added) got my attention:

"With [3D Touch] it was only at the moment where we finally got a design experience that?s like, ?Yes! This is what we want!? that we [asked] how hard it?s going to be to make.?

The answer: really hard. But not as hard as it would be for a competitor. Apple has such unprecedented resources (roughly $200 billion in cash on hand) that it?s been able to collect many of the world?s top specialists, across a variety of fields, and stash them for a rainy day.

The bold parts pretty much sum up the conversation we had about Neches as we were developing it.? Hard for us to build, years in the making - but much harder for anyone else to build it.? Which is why you don't see anything competitive on the market yet.? Investing in long-term advantages by solving the hard problems is in our DNA.? Ok, it isn't quite as cool as 3D Touch and isn't going into 100's of millions of devices, but our Neches Analysis suite is pretty important to us and our business.

And while we don't have Apple's resources or cash, we do have many of the world's top BPM specialists under one roof - across a number of platforms and technologies - and that expertise is what makes BP Labs such a great resource for both product development and support - because we have the ability to tackle the hard problems in our domain.?

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