Rapid Adoption of Brazos UI in the #IBMBPM Ecosystem

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Scott Francis

Brazos makes IBM BPM user interfaces better.? The combination is a powerful BPM suite with a fantastic multi-touch responsive UI.? Now seems like a great time to report on the adoption of Brazos throughout the IBM BPM ecosystem, because it is becoming the de facto best way to enhance your IBM BPM projects with third-party software.

In June, we had six customers (and six customer projects) using Brazos.? This was great progress coming only two months after announcing Brazos.? In November, we doubled that number to 12 deployed customer projects using Brazos - and note that not all of those projects were built or deployed by BP3.

More importantly at this stage, we now have over 235 total registered Brazos developers, a number that is literally increasing every day.? The number of registered developers is the leading edge indicator of Brazos usage.? As this number goes up, so do the other numbers, trailing by weeks or months.

The number of servers running Brazos has increased 250% from June to November.? There are now as many as 75 development projects in progress, based on our statistics.? This reflects how well Brazos works for real projects and real deployments.

Overall usage of Brazos UI is six times greater in November than it was in June, and 60x from the first month of beta for version 1.

The momentum behind Brazos has been nothing short of humbling.? It is finding its way into a lot of non-BP3 projects, which is exactly what we want to see and support.? We are getting feedback and enhancement requests from 5 continents at this point.? Consistently, we are hearing from customers:

  1. This is what I want out of the box with BPM, and with IBM BPM
  2. This UI is amazing
  3. This is really easier to use than the out of the box controls*
  4. Our business users loved that they can expose this to iPhones and iPads... and Android devices

As to point #1 - we have a solution to make this the out-of-the-box user experience, and we'll be announcing more about that, soon.? We want to create a fantastic out-of-the-box solution for you.? We're working on it- stay tuned!

And as to Brazos UI - we're not done.? We'll be continuing to invest in the Brazos UI toolkit with additional releases throughout 2014.

* Word of caution - although it is easier to produce a beautiful UI with Brazos UI Toolkit, and although it integrates seamlessly with the process designer, it still takes some time to get up to speed on how to use the toolkit.? If you're not already familiar with coach views, you'll have some learning to do about how IBM BPM does coaches- independent of Brazos.? And if you are familiar with the out of the box coach views, then you'll have a little bit of "unlearning" to do to make the most of the Brazos UI.


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