"Light Up The Process"

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Krista White


One of the analogies I have used in the midst of a business transformation is the desire to have a ?flashlight? which projects out at increasing intensity as we move through successive phases. Simply stated, it is difficult to make informed decisions on future improvement opportunities without sufficient visibility into what is working well and what is not.

All too often, well-meaning practitioners plow ahead into development activities based on perceptions, beliefs and flawed assumptions.

Our strategic methodology results in a value-driven articulation of the transformation roadmap, providing clarity on high-return initiatives and key dependencies. Directly related to this, we embrace the idea of ?look ahead? instrumentation which involves ?lighting up? the next process to be improved while we are in the midst of transforming the predecessor process on the roadmap.

Without going into the details in this blog, the basic idea is to capture live data from current systems, automated or otherwise, in order to gain command of transaction volumes, bottlenecks and real-world flows. Importantly, the data directly overlays business process diagrams, identifying external and internal value opportunities which may be captured through improved process management.

While this may sound daunting, our teams have considerable expertise on the tools and methods which result in high-value visibility regarding the current state of respective process(es). Armed with a fact-based analysis, our clients are able benefit from the ?ah ha? moments which are illuminated and proceed with clarity on the real issues and potential benefits.

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