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Interns forming a human

Our 2014 Internship program really stepped it up a level this year.? This is the fourth year BP3 has had an intern program, and every year it just gets better.? If you're an Austin firm and wondering how you can recruit great talent to Austin or to your firm, my advice is to come up with your long-term plan and get started this year.? Expect it to take 3-4 years to get where you want it to be.? But every year you delay will be a college recruiting year (and intern year) lost.

As for BP3, we're renewing our promise again:

We?re going to do it again next year.? And it will be good. And I hope we?ve made a small difference in the career opportunities for all of our interns this year.

I'll make a stronger commitment.? I know we've made an impact on our interns' careers this summer, and we're going to step up our game again next summer and make the program even better.

This year, we had the benefit of more people on our team in BP Labs who were able to support our interns.? Most of our interns took advantage of the opportunity to not just deliver an interesting project, but to learn new technology(ies) along the way.? I asked one of our interns how he felt about his summer and he said "I learned Ruby on Rails, SQL, and how AWS works, and my project is going to save more in a year than my internship costs... so I'd call it a win!"

I couldn't agree more.? Every one of our intern projects this summer is being rolled out and further invested in during the year.? I don't know if that has ever been true before.? We've always held the bar at "prove to us that this is a good idea and we should invest in it" - but we've also always held out that it was okay if the code was throwaway or if the approach for production would be different.? I think this summer we managed to achieve more production-worthy code, without sacrificing innovation.

  1. One of our interns' projects is live right now on our website.? An adaptation of Brazos Portal for demonstration purposes for prospective customers.? As part of his project, a tour guide capability was added - which we're going to make available for the Brazos UI toolkit as well!
  2. Another intern implemented a BPM Server monitoring system for our BP Labs team.? It is a big improvement over our current state of the art and we'll be investing further in it to take it to the next level, very grateful for her efforts!
  3. Another intern project will stress test BPM servers to help us tune performance at a level of detail and specificity that BPM customers and developers have never seen before.
  4. Yet another intern project will help us manage our cloud-based virtual machines and save tens of thousands of dollars every year.
  5. One more - a project to get Brazos Portal working with Activiti BPM.? That work was nearly complete when his internship wrapped up, and we'll have more to say about it soon.

What I'm most proud of for our interns this year is that they took the bull by the horns and really tried to make their work count.? They ran playbacks to our team, they competed hard on the ping pong table, and they energized our team.? They also represented well at BPMCAMP - presenting their work to our team from all over the country - and our customers!? We would be proud to welcome them back to BP3 when they graduate.

I also want to thank our team at BP3 for welcoming our interns, and investing time in their success.? Our team really stepped up the level of support the interns received - and yet gave them room to experiment and fail and learn.

Borrowing from our blog post last year:? So it should be clear that we received great value from our interns. But we also lived up to our part of the bargain:? we invested in them as people.? We also gave them a chance to learn new languages and tools, and apply those to projects.? We gave them a chance to safely make mistakes without fearing failure.? They are all more marketable and more skilled than they were before their internships began. And this reflects BP3?s commitment to developing human talent, not just finding industry veterans, but also investing in people to grow the overall talent base of BP3, BPM, and Austin.

But an internship isn't just about projects.? It is also about culture - Austin, BP3, and work life.? Everyone needs a good pair of Texas hand-crafted boots.? And Blues on the Green.? The pictures barely scratch the surface on the foodie scene we exposed our intrepid interns to:? Cover 3, HopDoddy, The Noble Sandwich Company, Torchy's, Taco Deli, Food Heads, The Good Knight, Michi Ramen, Ramen Tatsuya, PhoNatic, Shabu, Korea House, Austin Terrier, and many others.

We'll do more of the same (and hit Peached Tortilla's new retail location) next year!





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