Promoting Code is a Habit

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Andrew Paier

When talking to people about startup companies, there are several phrases that I?ve heard echoed by several successful people. ??Making a profit is a habit.? ??Shipping product is a habit.? ?Likewise, for successful BPM engagements I believe ?Promoting Code is a habit.? ?Allow me to explain.

In IBM BPM developers create solutions in the ?Process Center? or ?Development? environment. ?Successful teams will never run a true demo from this environment. ?All demos should be run from a testing environment that the users can log into later and interact with after the demo completes.

Why is this so important? ?There are many moving parts in any BPM solution. ?By achieving the discipline to push new solution updates on a regular basis into other environments, the BPM team gains several valuable skills.

  • The act of promoting code becomes much more automatic.
  • The team gets used to keeping code in a running state whenever possible.
  • Subtle differences between environments will be detected early.
  • Your end users will see continuous evolution and believe that release one will have really followups.

If you want your BPM solutions to be successful, make regular successful promotions to runtime environments part of your standard practice. ?In the long run your team will be much better for having done so.

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