Process Trends from Keith Swenson

  • December 28, 2009
  • Scott

Keith put together a pretty interesting chart reflecting business process technologies over the last few decades, showing how they relate on a spectrum from predictable to unpredictable, as well as how firm the consensus about how to use the technology has become.

Keith Swenson, Thoughts on Collaborative Planning, "4 Process Trends & 1 Gap"

As usual, Keith presents a good thought model.  But of course there’s a gap that may or may not be real – it is Keith’s perception of the gap between manual (email) processes and workflow-based processes.  I think there are actually a range of technologies inbetween these two approaches-  ticketing systems, case management, and wikis are all examples of technologies that address the space described by the gap.  Still, I always find this kind of graph thought-provoking: it organizes your thoughts in support or in contrast to a particular point of  view.

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