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Scott Francis

IBM hosted a Process Transformation event this week, bringing together top customers, partners, and IBM executives and product leaders into one space to talk about what's happening and what's next.?

The event featured keynote talks from Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors, and James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions.? Product discussions led by Michael Gilfix and Harley Davis followed those keynotes on successive days.

Most of the rest of the sessions are customers presenting candidly, and confidentially, their successes and challenges in transformation through process. This is obviously the most fun for those of us that are truly process or decision geeks.?

Taking a big step back to get some perspective, themes emerge.? Today, customers are achieving success and ROI with BPM and ODM - processes and decisions.? The stories are compelling.? Real business impact.? On the other hand, the future is taking shape, and it looks like a future with a bit of science fiction made real - an emphasis on software that learns and improves its ability to augment our knowledge work by making suggestions or automating rote decisions.?

IBM has really zeroed in on solid use cases for improving business with a combination of cognitive approaches and process-driven operational control.? Marrying those two together is a key to driving value with businesses at scale.?

We're proud to have 11 of our customers represented here at an event with 27 distinct customers.? It was a great opportunity to reconnect and make plans for walking this road together.? Thanks to IBM for pulling this event together for everyone!



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