Process-Driven: Keeping Promises

  • April 17, 2014
  • Scott

Question was asked on  “What does a process-driven company do differently from other companies?”

The process-driven company might, for example, have company values.  Or decide on refining the definition of those values.  One of our values at bp3 could be described as “Keeping Commitments” (or some big companies would say, Integrity).  We define it as “Keeping Promises”.  At a typical company, this would be part of the culture and you’d communicate to everyone and expect them to do their best to keep promises individually.  

A process-driven company goes further.  You expect your team to only make promises you can deliver on, for one thing – so it isn’t just about keeping promises, it is about making the right promises – promises that matter, that add value, and that can be delivered.  And you might have a process around approving those commitments, those promises, to customers, employees, and vendors. That’s how we think about it at BP3…

Next, a process-driven company would look at what services and products they offer to customers, and the promises implicit and explicit in those offerings: quality, budget, functionality, best practices, best-in-class, great user experience, mobile-ready.  And you’d invest in technology, methods, and skills to support those promises.  You’d re-organize your team to make sure that part of the org supports your ability to keep promises:  we started BP Labs for just that reason.  You’d invest in technology to keep the promise of great user experience – Brazos for UI, for example.  But not just that, you’d invest in the process for doing solution reviews, architecture reviews, installs, best practices.  You’d offer solution support for continuation long after you leave the project.

And you don’t have to do this all at once. But over time, you invest. You examine your process for delivering on your promises, and you improve upon it and invest in it.  And as you get bigger, scaling your business affords lots of opportunities to invest to improve upon it.


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