Process Center of Excellence

  • January 28, 2013
  • Krista

BPStategyblogEstablishment and refinement of a “Process Center of Excellence” (PCoE) is one of the initiatives we’re currently working on with our clients.

Though many companies have a process management team or teams within the enterprise, frequently there are capability gaps which result in sub-optimal value delivery of the function. Our role often involves assessing current PCoE maturity levels then developing a Blueprint and associated Roadmap to Success.

Key questions commonly requiring attention are:

  • Is there clear visibility and linkage to enterprise strategic value drivers?
  • Is there demonstrable alignment between business management, process management and technology management, ideally including business executive sponsorship?
  • Does the organization have a command of the core value processes, both customer-facing and business management-focused?
  • Has the organization adopted a proven development methodology, typically involving a continuous improvement-aligned agile/iterative framework coupled to extensible best practices?
  • Is there an excellence program in place to ensure repeatable excellence in design, development and deployment of process solutions (technology-based and other)?
  • Are there mature “adoption management” practices in place to ensure that desired approaches gain durable traction?
  • Are there process-centric metrics in place which demonstrate value delivery and awareness?
  • Have near-term and mid-term roadmaps been established which persistently elevate process competencies and map out process improvement priorities?


While other areas often warrant attention, focusing on these core topics produces a clear understanding of strategic priorities, current capabilities and an appropriate roadmap to success.

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