Process Blogs Worth Reading

  • December 26, 2017
  • Scott

Alberto Manuel has again produced a list of process blogs worth reading – his 2017 edition.  Again, we’re honored to be on the list!

  • Bp-3 – Scott Francis’s blog brings a balanced viewpoint on BPM trends and challenges and entrepreneurship.

Going into 2018, I hope to bring more content from my team at BP3 to the blog – if you’ve been reading our blog you’ve seen early signs of it already.  I have so much respect for the expertise and ability of our team and I want to give them more air time in this space to share with our clients and readers.

You’ll also see us talking more about digital operations – how we address the challenges faced operating in the age of digital experiences, and how we bring the right technology to bear on these situations.  At BP3 our folks aren’t just “BPM consultants” or “decision management consultants” or “RPA consultants”.  We’re experts on building valuable business solutions for our clients, and we’ll bring the right tech to bear to make those solutions real.  From our perspective, BPM, ODM ,RPA, blockchain, and Brazos are all a means to an end. The goal is business value and success -and everything else is secondary.  I hope you’ll see that focus and prioritization in our blogging in 2018.

Also: we’ll continue to share thoughts about the entrepreneurial journey, startups, the Austin ecosystem, other geographic ecosystems in which we participate, and tech, as we are inspired to.  I think it is good for us to share our interests and passions with our team and our clients.




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