Pragmatism vs. The Next New Thing

  • April 13, 2010
  • Scott

There is an emerging debate between pragmatism and “The Next New Thing” in the world of BPM vendors.  Some have characterized this as the BPM-fanatics vs. people who want to make progress.  But I don’t see any fanatics on the BPM side – just people who are tired of the endless attempts to rebrand and rename in order to differentiate “new” from “old” instead of just being happy to see progress for what it is – useful incremental improvement.

Ashish Bhagwat writes:

So, I continue drumming my beats that Synergy, wherever possible and relatively easier, should be driving our multiple efforts. When it comes to defining BPM, it will always be in a certain context and when a customer looks for the right definition, the questions that need to be asked are – what’s your business’s objective, and what’s the problem you’re trying to solve. And then, one should just go ahead and fix the problem with short term and long term interest of the Enterprise. BPM, at the end of the day needs to make the business more agile & responsive and business processes more efficient, flexible and manageable.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. But, actually, Alexander Samarin did:

Let us architect the use of existing technologies instead of blaming them for bringing complexity/inflexibility/etc. in enterprises

They’ve both made these points better than I have myself in the various debates here and here.

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