Whenever you have a Plan A, it's good to have a Plan B.

For a decade, BP3 has been Plan B for business process programs around the world. If you were to interview most of our clients, they would tell you that they started with another vendor, and after some difficulty, they did their homework and found us.? And they'll also tell you what a great job we did putting their program on the rails and making our clients successful.

I take great pride in our team's ability to understand a customer, their team, their culture, and their imperatives.? We adopt their priorities as our own, and help them align all the interests behind success.? Given our track record of success, you'd think BP3 would be Plan A!? And so would we.? Except that we know that being Plan A requires marketing budgets and advertising dollars to get mind share.

So I'll let you in on a secret - BP3 is also a fantastic partner for clients who choose us as Plan A.? We have fantastic references and relationships with these clients as they achieve success without the stress of moving to Plan B.

As the world focuses on digital transformation, we are prepared to bring our brand of innovation and execution to your digital initiatives.? We think of it as digital operations - because it isn't enough to be digital, nor to transform.? You have to sustain it.? You have to make it operational.? You're never done.? And with more than a decade of client success with business process and decision management behind us, operationalizing innovation is something we know all about.? Don't wait for BP3 to be your Plan B for digital transformation - but if you find yourself in need of Plan B, I can't think of anyone better to work with than the team I have the honor of working for every day here at BP3.? If you were in the room when this photo below was taken, you know what I'm talking about. There's a lot of heart in this team, and a lot of heart in our connection with our community - our clients.

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