Picking the right platform and partner: Wordpress and WP Engine

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Scott Francis

Back in 2008 when I started blogging for BP3, I chose WordPress as the platform. At the time I believe its market share was single digits in terms of running websites, and we only used it for the blog portion of our site - the rest was static HTML.?

Fast forward to 2010, we revamped the site with a full-blown WordPress treatment to run the whole site, as I'd seen others do.? We didn't stop there though, we also moved to WP Engine to host our site, which has made it faster, more stable, and easier to support.? We revamped our site yet again in 2015, just in time for BPMCAMP 2015, again with WordPress, which just keeps getting better.

Thanks to Daring Fireball, I see that WordPress now runs 25% of the sites on the Internet, which is truly an amazing growth story.?

It's nice to pick the right platform the first time and ride the wave.? Even better to pick the right platform partner (in WP Engine) to make it a great customer experience for us at BP3.? The analogy to the BPM business shouldn't be hard to see: picking the right BPM software vendor, but even better to pick the right BPM partner in BP3, to make that experience really first rate.


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