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Phil Gilbert recently spoke at Web Summit. Phil runs Design for IBM.? And he used the opportunity to talk about design at scale - at IBM.? Effectively it isn't just about design - it is about enacting a major change in scale organization.

There are just some great nuggets in this 18-minute video that make it well worth the watching.? Starting with "this time we're not changing what we work on, we're changing how we work."

And the mission of Design at IBM is to create "bold out comes that people love."? What a great mission.? And of course, if you're going to focus on outcomes, outcomes are all about process.? And Phil demonstrates that process is very much an integral part of design and creative processes.? While it may feel like it is slowing you down sometimes:

"The only way a company sustains anything is through process. If you?re not married to the production process, you will not survive over the long haul. you won?t survive a leadership change. You won?t survive a management change. You won?t survive a budget cut time. Unless you?re deeply embedded in the operations of the company. "

This reflects what we're learning from working with clients:? process is at the center of everything - and at the center of Digital Transformation.? It isn't just important. It is necessary. It is especially interesting to hear this point being made by someone who runs a design group of more than 1000 designers.

Phil makes the case that if you want to make a change happen - great. If you want to make a change lasting, then you need to address process to support it.


I also like how Phil addresses "power" in an organization. Paraphrased (but in quotes because I'm borrowing his words):

"Everyone talks about power as if the position is important, or the ability to mandate is important. But not only is it not important, it probably hurts the cause.? Stop thinking about power as something exercised. Think about it as a seat at the table to listen to everything. Many seats at many tables.? "

There's a lot to learn from Phil's talks over the years, and from Phil.

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